Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sometimes, I wish places and people came with warning labels.

Warning: May cause a Broken Heart.

Bff was dealing with this dude. Let's call him Punjabi. On Friday, she got a call from a woman who said she's been with him for 8 years. They're engaged. Her bottom fell out.

She's in this predicament sleeping with a man who told her he lived at home with his mom, brought her around his fam, he's met hers, they've been off and on for 2 get ths phone call from a woman who detailed her relationship with him as well as BFF's.

Her cousin told her she should pray for God to heal her heart. She's sleeping with men to fill a void. She should use God to fill that void. I agreed. She's not in the position of thinking clearly and she's taken the "niggas ain't shit" approach. She literally said that to me.

Gi is on that bandwagon. Hard.

Aussie came over tonight. I made lasagna for the first time. I came out extremely cheesy and to someone who is lactose-intolerant (like myself), its somewhat off-putting...but he said it was good. I had a small bit. From what I tasted, I agree.

He made me pancakes...well, a pancake. I have pictures: (which will be taken off on Tuesday)

I think it is symbolic of our relationship - that maybe he's willing to do more for me.

As I was watching him, I realized his sexiness...his ease with himself, with me...I missed him all over again.

This whole thing started out of the blue and it was like a meteor - it shined bright and was beautiful but quickly faded into dust.

There's a problem coming up. Gi is heading the dudes aint shit parade. She's been through some shit and I don't blame her. She wants me to leave Aussie alone. She thinks he's a loser. She's so harsh when it comes to him. Today I thought he stood me up. I text her. She was like I told u so.

I was so pissed. Who the fuck says I told you so when a friend is sad or whatever...I let her know. She apologized. But, she still thinks I'm wasting my time. Its just like...when you spend time with someone to the point where they're comfy with all your dimpled parts and you feel like you can talk with them, its hard to walk away from that. With Aussie, its like...we started off so wrong. I still have hope in my heart.

I still believe... Lol

So, we'll see...we have a long way to go.

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Young woman on a journey said...

friends and lovers are so complicated. sometimes managing both can be seriously taxing and challenging. go with your gut on both. i hope it works with aussie too!

Trish said...

She is just trying to look out for your best interest. I absolutely despise people saying "I told you so." I actually hurry and say it before they do, just to knock the chip off their shoulder.

Jimmy said...

Just don't let anyone else make decisions for you, You need to make up your own mind about these things.

Why does she think he's a looser?

If you have faith in him and you've been around him a long time just go with what is in your heart.

Liz said...

she probably does want the best for you but a lot of times the advice we give, comes from our own bitterness and disappointments. i agree with all prev comments. go with your gut mama!