Wednesday, January 28, 2009


At moments, I feel so overwhelmed. I have 2 blogs, a home improvement project, a beauty class I'm giving (gratis for now), and I've joined an initiative to help kids do better in school.
Oh yea, I'm looking for another job, too.

Its a good thing I don't need or what a boyfriend right now. I just don't want to stretch myself anymore for anyone.

I feel like all these things are void fillers for what I don't have. Giving up one is like oh so hard...I'm in it, now.

Wish me luck!

Update on BFF: The bleeding stopped a while ago, but against my advice, she cancelled her GYN appt for yesterday and rescheduled for 2/23. She did speak to a nurse and the nurse said that abnormal bleeding is a side effect of taking EC. So....ummm, I still wanted her to keep her appointment but...I can't force the girl. We'll see what happens next month
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Chris said...

Keeping yourself busy is often a good don't need some dude right now messing that up. The person that you are suppose to love will fit into your me.

Young woman on a journey said...

good to hear about bff...but i agree she should visit a doctor.

Trish said...

Good luck on maintaining that busy schedule. I agree that sometimes distractions are good and when you're not looking, thats when you'll meet the right man. I guess its good your friend called a nurse, even though going in would have given her more of a definitive answer as to whats going on with her.