Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Aussie text me today out of the blue asking about my day. It was decent conversation until it turned sexual.

I made a joke that he was gonna start making babies (because he went to a baby shower this weekend- purely for the food.)

He said, I'm ready when you are.

And then it proceeded from there.

Ya'll know I was game. We're flirting and stuff. And I swear...the boy said..."I miss those lips all 4 of them," I started shaking.

Sorry Blair! You've been benched.

So, I was like, "Oh u miss me. Its ok to admit it."

"Yes, well..something like that. Don't go getting a big head..LOL I. know you miss me too"

"I miss certain parts of you."

"LOL I know that's true LOL I believe you"

"Will you be comfortable just having sex with me?"

"I didn't say that but we can talk about it. We adults so it can be whatever were comfortable with. What do you think?"


"Well I guess we can figure it out over time."

"U wanna get back together?"

"Yea but rather talk to you about that in person. I know we have things to clear up. Do you wanna get back together?"

"I don't know, I'm so confused."

"Well if we still feeling each other like that then why not but I don't want to confuse you. I rather you make up your mind with a clear head"

I kind of left it at that.

I told Gi. She said:
Are u fucking kidding? He is such a loser! Lol This must be the time of the yr the lames try to get back with us girl! (Her ex just tried to get back with her..I thought that was kinda harsh)

I said Idk, I'm confused. I know for sure I do want to sleep with him.

Lol oh lord! If u do do it with him please use condoms girl! U dont know who he's been fuckin with...

I don't think he was a loser. I think he was insecure. I also think he was lazy and immature. But he says he has some things to clear up. We'll see

I think that Jr overlooking things, girl he hurt u and it seemed like he was hiding stuff frm u, he didnt seem to even care that u wanted to brk up...i d k its up to u girl....

Hmmmm....ur right. Idk. I have some thinking to do

And I do...I feel so selfish right now. Me me me. I I I and that's not the best mindset to go into anything with.

[And she is right. He did hurt me and I can't even say that I've moved on. I haven't, not whole-heartedly. And yes, maybe part of me is holding on...I know you guys are tired of seeing it but idk. I don't know.]

I kinda stopped texting because I was in the middle of something.

I ended it with this question...

So..wait that means u don't want to sleep with me until I make my mind up?

We'll see...
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Young woman on a journey said...

girl, i don't even have advice to give. you see that i was all game for getting back together with my ex. i miss him. no matter what you decide, make sure you are true to yourself and do not compromise who you are and what you want out of the relationship...and don't go in with a mindset that its casual, only to fall for him again and want more. just be sure before you make any drastic decisions.

Trish said...

I say do what you feel is best after you've really thought about it.

Jimmy said...

I agree with the comments above, plus I agree that texting isn't going to cut it in making an important decision like this, it must me in person.

Besides how are you guys goin to 'do it' via text message?

Just think it through first, don't rush into anything.

Nina said...

hi Jimmy. thanks for passing through...but, I cant see your profile or anything about you...:-)

Laura said...

I've been lurking your blog for a while. You write a lot about men and man problems. In my experience that might mean a man is the last thing you need right now. It complicates things I'm biased though, Im a happy single... no heart break.