Thursday, January 22, 2009

Titles n Such

In the course of conversation with a friend, she said something really interesting while were talking about Aussie. She said, "Well at least you guys have that label. I've never been labeled someone's girlfriend." Did I mention she's 27?
Whoa. Yea.

I told her, "Dude, I've had 'relationships' but I have no clue what I'm doing!"

She laughed but I was dead ass serious.

I'm just winging this, going off what I feel is right and I just realized it when we decided to make a conscious effort to work on the relationship. He was in a 6-year relationship before me but I suspect he's just as lost as I am.

Is that how it is? Is there some special formula everyone just knows about how to act in relationships? Because, besides not cheating on each other and communication, we're both just feeling it out.

If this short amount of time that we've been in 2009 has shown me nothing, it has shown me that titles - bf, gf, fiance, wife, hubby...that shit means nothing. People do what they want, ya dig?

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Young woman on a journey said...

you ain't never lied. people do what they want. and you aren't the only one feeling things out. i suspect that's how every relationship is. No one really knows what they are doing.

Trish said...

I've been dating over 10 years and I still have no clue. All the relationships have left me feeling like what the hell?! I agree about titles because I know people with titles who are worse than single folks.

Jimmy said...

I hear ya, people do what they want. I've been in countless relationships, and in the end I always found out the relationship wasn't what I thought it was, every time.

So now I am a little 'apprehensive' shall we say, I mean well, but it is hard.