Thursday, January 15, 2009


I feel like my life is a Monet lately. Come to think of it, I believe most people's lives are like that as well.

From afar, it looks beautiful and serene and the when you look closely, its all brush strokes and chaos.

My apartment is a mess! Like, borderline unliveable. Every time I clean it, the next day, its back again and I don't know why. I think it represents where I am in life in general. I gotta get this under control. It doesn't help that everyday this week, I've come home after midnight. *shakes head*

Last night, I treated BFF to dinner. She protested, considering my current financial situation. But, I didn't really care. Money is money and because I haven't bought new make-up, gotten a pedicure, didn't get my hair done, and curtailed a lot of extra spending, I had an extra couple of dollars and so I spent it on a good friend.

She told me that she had sex with a guy she'd been dating for 2 years off and on. Unprotected. He came inside of her. She took Plan B Morning After Pill. Since then, roughly a month ago, she's had her period 3 times!!!!! I'm so scared for her. Heavy periods - and I'm like that sounds more like hemmoraging and go to the doctor STAT! Trouble is, she's still bleeding and she needs to wait until it stops to see the doctor. Her mom is a gyn/STD doctor but admitting what happened is a little too much for her. I told her if it doesn't stop by tomorrow, fuck it, tell her.

Hopefully, she's fine.

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Anonymous said...

I hope she's fine too. Plan B is pretty safe, but I don't think should have their period that much. She should definitely see a physician. Happy New Year Sis!!

Young woman on a journey said...

eek. i hope she is fine too. I agree with B-more Bap. I've only taken plan b once but no major issues. there might be something more serious going one. and regardless of the bleeding she needs to see someone.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i hope she is well also. be safe and have a blessed 2009 ms monet

Trish said...

She should run to her mom to get examined. I'm assuming she's an adult, better to be embarrased and healthy than leaving this issue lingering.

Liz said...

so i know i am laaaaaaate reading this... but what happened? did the bleeding stop?