Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Liar Liar

I can't even bring myself to type the foolishness going on with RR. He's a fuckin idiot. And a liar. And I respect neither. Its funny, idiot used to be the term people used to call "mentally challenged" and I think that is what he is.


Ok...let me attempt to wrap my head around this.

I spoke to him last week. He was fine. Text messages were exchanged saying Happy New Year. Yadda yadda. He pops up saying he buried his mother on Saturday that just passed.


Yes. If someone was buried on Sat that means they died on Mon or Tues. So, Thursday wouldve been tough. And RR is not the strong silent type...believe me. He called me CRYING and devastated when he lost a job, losing a mother...

So..ok, someone told me that I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Ok..I called him.

What did this boy tell me she died of?

She was a drinker. She had kidney cancer. The doctors took out both of her kidneys. But the cancer spread to other organs...her medication wasn't working. But, it was a shock to everyone. This all happened suddenly.

I didn't go to no fancy schools or anything, but I can kind of have a grasp of the human body. can't live without BOTH of your kidneys. And..ummm..drinkers usually suffer from cirrosis of the liver or kidney failure.

*shakes head*

The way I feel, I just want to pack up the rest of his shit and send it to him C.O.D of course.

My brother is a path (as we call them - pathological liars). I don't understand. I never will. But, I do know they're dangerous and toxic.

Jesus, take the wheel!
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Liz said...

wooooow! that is real deep. i mean it's one thing to lie but that is craziness. and may be just superstition but certain things, we shouldn't play with...

AND what was the point of that lie? was there some benefit that was supposed to come out of it? seems pretty pointless..