Monday, January 26, 2009

The Little Things, Yes?

Today was the official demotion.


I packed all my shit, put it in a box and moved out of my nice mahogany desk that sat in the corner of the room that had a nice little gloomy window.

I am back to a cubicle, sitting next to people I trained..having little tarts ask me if I know certain things and I want to smack the shit out of her…I felt like people were clamoring for this to happen…they couldn’t wait to see me fall. They were so jealous and so envious and it’s like Christmas.

Que sera sera!

I miss the quiet of my old life..not having people walk behind me all freakin day. I’m not speaking to anyone..not in a tense way..but I’m just sick of having my ears burning. I’m sick of having people smile in my face when it’s not a smile they want to offer….BFF said that it is a minor setback. And I agree. It’s a little embarrassing.

Oh wellsies! At least I still have a job.


Trish said...

Yeah its good that you still have a job. I think that you'll get back to the level you were at and an even better job. It seems that when it rains, it pours, stay uplifted.

JaeSpenc said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your demotion... I'm sure that this will just prepare you for bigger things...

yes, you should be thankful ( in this economy ) to still be gainfully employed... but I'm sure that doesn't ease the sting...

It's funny how sometimes work reminds you of highschool right?

Jimmy said...

I agree, that God that you're still employed.

Who knows what would happen if you loose your job in this economy.

Sometimes God wants us to experience the pain of loosing something important to us so we will appreciate the things that are coming to us in the future.

That has been my experience anyway!

Kenya Says said...

Man that stinks! I can only imagine how you feel...but yes it's just a minor set back...I chin up you like Celie did to Sophia in color purple. :o) Muah!

miss halimah. said...

i feel you. but like bff said: just a minor setback, at least you still have a job!