Monday, June 4, 2007

5 things going on right now.......

1. Told FormerBestGayFriend a "few" times that I was turning off his
phone today because I wanted him to jump up and say. Here's
20...50...75...100.00. Toward the bill. Here! Take it. Its not what I
owe but its a symbol of what I owe. I'm so very sorry for what I've done
to you. Enjoy! Not gonna fucking happen! Ugh!

2. I need a new damn job. I feel unappreciated as a human being. I feel
like a number. Which was the reason why I left EvilCableCompany job
before I started this blog.

3. Things go great for me and then I feel ugly on the inside. This
week's paycheck for example.

4. My paycheck was less than normal because I called out of work last
Sunday. Gave my mom $300 for rent. Gave Twin $100 for his rent and the
cable bill is $125. Money was just floating out of my hands....but I
fucked up because I spent $65 on fabric for my apartment....why? Oh why?
Now I'm going to be brokety broke for the next 2 weeks. Trying to see
the upside. Wish someone owed me $$..oh wait! (See #1)

5. I'm not sure if I will succeed with this apartment or fall flat on my
face. I should've planned better...saved will be an

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