Monday, June 11, 2007

Am angry Need chocolate

I KNOW I'm hormonal right now. Can feel my skin pulling with the promise
of new pimples and the cups of sugar I pur down my throat are
increasing. giiving in to it..because I can.

I want to feel beautiful.
Haven't felt it in a long time.
Am lookking for beauty validation from own personal man...I know its bad
and I shouldn't but I don't care! I want to!

Tired of sleazy men who want to go down my shirt.
That would be nice too but just look in my eyes. Tell me you love me and
I'm pretty.

Am silly silly woman.

I know.

Don't care.

I want it that way.

Fed my cousins fish today. Sat there crying while they ate their veggie
flakes. Like I was the flakes and all around me r pirranhas swimming
coming in for the kill ready to gobble me up.. Am really sad. *sigh*

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