Friday, June 22, 2007

Going to NyC gay pride...because that's what hags do!

Let me make this clear.
I am not gay. I am a hag. A huge one!
Of my 5 top friends....4 are gay men.
I love them. They remind me that I'm fabulous and when I'm not so fab,
they remind me that I can be better. If someone messes with me, they're
there to kick their asses. They love me. Conditionally of course. I love
them back.

I forgot about when NYC Pride it was a surprise when Jules told
me that my presence was requested tonight at 11ish in the city for fun
gallavanting around the village and then to the Culture Club afterwards.
Ummmm...nevermind the fact thast I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow.

Oh and I have $8 in my bank account til next Friday. Riiiight.

I decided..I must go and am on my way home to change into my hag
attire...not sure what that is yet. Probably a dress and flip flops. Its
all about the face tonight. Hmmmmmm....still deciding.

Yesterday...I was feeling really salty about BestFriend. Sent her this
"I don't appreciate this one bit from u of all people. I'm hurt. I'm
disappointed. But I guess its ok bc I'm always there at the end of the
day. Whatever."
She hasn't responded yet. Not sure what to think about it. Think I'm
going to let go. And let God.

I really am deeply hurt by her behavior. I've been there for her when
even her parents weren't. BF is a runner not a fighter. When things get
tough..the tough get in running for the door. But, people
claim they're afraid when I get upset. Like I'm going to do them bodily
harm. No...not me! I'm a lover. But I'm knock ur block off if I have

Enough of this for now...have some very particular gay men to

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Well written article.