Saturday, June 23, 2007


So I didn't make it past pajamas and ice cream last night. To my
defense, it was very brisk outside. Plus, twin#1 didn't want to be my
wingman, so I left the hag activities for another day.

Its now 5:55am. This was something Afroman always pointed out to me.
That we always look at the time when in 2:22. 3:33. 4:44 more
popular...5.55 and 12:34.

I am in the train station on my way to the j-o and there are these men
sitting on the benches in the train station. I'm a little scared to walk
past them. I'm always intimidated walking past a group of men. I have
great reason to be. Let's not forget the "big draws fiasco of 2006.

Long story short...I walked past a group of rowdy young boys and one of
them yelled out "Big Draws" was very embarassing to say the least.

My food for thought this morning is, at this time of the
morning..most of these men are late 30s to 40s...none of them seem as
though they would pull a stunt...but I've been unpleasantly
surprised...but since when did we become villianized by our men intead
of protected, adored, and nothing but trustful of them? Since when was I
afriad to walk by a black man and not fear the worst from his lips? This
deeply saddens me. Not only because its now 6:00 am and I want to sit
down, but because I fear for my child when she becomes my age and has
her ample share of breasts and hips. Just some food for thought. I wish
I could say that I braved the worst and walked past them, but the train
just came and I'm getting on.....

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