Friday, June 29, 2007

Simple Pleasures.

Being broke alerts you to some simple pleasures you've been missing.
For instance,
I really miss Burger King.....
Hello old chap! BK Western Whopper, complete with beef, bbq sauce, bacon
and cheese...yummmy...come here lover!
$2 eyeliner from Duane Reade
As simple as it sounds, I would impulsively buy eyeliner from DR because
it seems as though I eat it or lose it something.
Buying snacks from the corner store. I craved cheez doodles last nite.
Along with something from Lil Debbie. Craved It. But, I didn't let
myself go and get it, knowing that something with high fructose corn
syrup would beckon me and while fulfilling my craving for cheesy and
creamy, that I'd feel like a lose for not getting a Laffy Taffy or
something. I know. Pathetic.
Most of all, I think I just miss the security of having money. what you want with it money. A cushion. A net.

Sacrifice is inevitable when you have no one but yourself.
And.....there's nothing you can do.
At least, I guess I am eating less shit and my arms do look at little
smaller. So, there is a little bit of justice in the world.

But, the first thing I will do today is get that burger. My stomach's
growling just thinking about it.

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