Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have "great friends." Last night, BestFriend was supposed to come over for some dinner, dessert, and girl talk at 7. She never showed. I called and called. And got a call from her at 9pm. Saying...."Oh! I went to a Block Association meeting and they've had us here and yada yada yada..." I should be out at 10pm. I said, "Oh ok. Call me when you're on your way." 11pm comes and she's still not here. She calls and says that her meeting lasted way too long. It just ended. She doesn't have a way to get over here because her mother/father are sleeping. She doesn't want to take the car without asking them. I am livid. I tell her that she can call me tomorrow. (which is today) and as of 3:15pm, still no call. But, I'm not in the business of making people be my friend and want to spend time with me.

All I wanted to do last night was spoon with Afroman. All I wanted to do was lay in his arms and be warm and safe and loved.
He said he couldn't afford to come over. (he has no job and thus no train fare)
So...with that spooning...:0(

Spooning would've definitely led to forking.

But, it's probably best that he didn't come over because at 2am, my tooth started hurting like nobody's business. I had a similiar incident last week which had me in the Emergency Room...which led to me being in the dentist's office the next day..which led to me getting 2 prescriptions. One for pain, the other an antibiotic. Which lead me to not getting it filled because I didn't have the money. No insurance = Suffering. For real. I asked the "wonderful" stepmother if I'm still covered under her. She nonchalantly says yes. And I'm like WTF!!!!!! You know I'm in pain but you don't fucking say, "oh yea... you can get's the card." So the insurance covered the ER visit, but not the dental clinic, which charges $48 a visit. ***sigh***

Twin#1 owes me $40. Which I've been entitled to receive since Monday. Being that it is Wednesday and I still haven't received it...I'm trying to act like a chilled out bill collector....all I want is my prescriptions!! I'm in so so so much pain. I can't even tell you!

Right now, I feel so alone. In my beautiful brand new apartment. (that's still not completely furnished...but has an airmattress, a couch, a dsl modem,a shower, and cable)<---so I'm happy. But living like this makes me feel so alone. Inviting people over doesn't I'm not sure what to do.

Til laterz...

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