Thursday, June 28, 2007

Murphy's Law Test Dummy

That is who I am today....because when the world seems
promising...something comes in and makes the whole thing go cablooey.

This morning....I woke up, put on my pre-arranged outfit only to find
that it wasn't quite what I wanted. Changed into my favorite sundress.
Its light, airy, hugs in the right places without feeling too clingy,
and as I was walking down the street, I gently tugged at the back of it
to hide that clasp of my bra. I heard a rip, but thought nothing of it.
As I walked down the street, the right side of my dres was falling. My
beautiful, light, airy dress was broken. So...I rushed back home to put
on the 1st outfit...kicking myself for not sticking to that in the first
place. Especially when stepmother was coming out of her door at the same
time I was and offered to give me a ride. Nice enough. Until, she
ambushed me with things.
I want you to bring down my computer stand.
I want you to clean out your old room.
I want you to yada yada ya.
People have told me that I handle stress well. That they can never tell
when I'm at my breaking point because my face hides it well. My tongue
doesn't know this, so I end up saying hurtful things before it registers
in mind that its hurtful.
So.....I broke and I said..."what have you given me" which sent her on
another tangent about all the things she's done for me in life. Which
was nothing I ever asked her to do. It was purely optional and
voluntary. I am grateful, but I don't want to be reminded of all her
good deeds.
Bahhhhhh! I'm not going to feel bad about what I said. She talked my ear
off for the entire ride from the house to the train...a whopping 5
minutes and I made one statement and I get the!

Good Morning, Vietnam!

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