Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sell crazy someplace else...I'm overstocked...

While standing on the 14 St Downtown platform and midnight wearing
(eek!) 3 inch wedges (that I absolutely adore and had on since 11am)
trying to ignore the unfortunate girl in a pink and brown slip top, pink
courdory short shorts, brown leggings and tan and brown cowboy
boots....this man was giving me crazy eyes. In the respect that if life
were a sketch comedy, they would've been red and weird sounfs would've
been the soundtrack. WtF? Then...he was talking to himself and staring
at mr simultaneously. I made sure to check for my wallet and stand as
far away from the edge of the platform as possible. I will not be pushed
in front of the train. No siree bob.
Then some otherman walked toward to look for an apporaching train to
come back and almost walked in to me. We already established that I was
not near the its not that I was right behind him. He was
looking at me...but still about to walk into me. Note that I am wobbly
at this point. The balls of my feet were screaming obscenities at I would've definitely have fallen if he rammed into me...but I
kept thinking - am I fucking invisible? How are you staring at a person
but don't see them enough to not walk into them. I swear, it was a near

All in all...tonight was wonderful. The girls and I went Havana Central.
A delightful Cuban restaurant in Washington Square. The food was
delicioso. I had chorizo con queso frito. Latin sausage w/fried cheese.
Yummy! Cherub and I shared a pitcher of passion fruit mojito. It had a
little too much lime for me...but it yummy just the same. After, we did
a little shoe shopping. Thank you Shoe-o-rama for being open til
10:30pm. Yay! Then, we sat in a small park and talked girl talk for an
hour until I relaized...hey! I have to get up at 5am for work tomorrow.
Party done!

Beautiful night...beautiful company. Wonderful times had by all.

Got off the train in enough time to catch the bus and save myself $12 in
a cab ride. AND had enough time to run through Duane Reade like a mad
woman and get those must-have items in 7 minutes. Yes...7. I was dipping
through the aisles getting hydrocortisone cream, lotion, shavers, cereal
and deodorant. I only forgot the milk. But...hey we can't be perfect.
And it probably costs too much anyway.

All in all...even almost thrown on the tracks by a crazy man and knocked
down by another couldn't put a damper on my night.


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