Friday, June 29, 2007

Silly Little Woman

My eczema has flaired up on my face again. I haven't had such a major
episode since freshman year of high school where the black scales had
descended upon my entire face. My stepmother didn't know what it was, so
she subjected me to cream after cream that burned - as a miracle to take
"the acne" away. The problem grew worse until my entire face was turned
into a huge black scaly mess and my eyes were almost closed shut. A trip
to the emergency room and steroid cream later, we realized that I had
eczema all over. In between my elbows, behind my knees and on my face.
The creams made it worse. She's never apologized. That's just one
example of how blind know-it-allism (yes know-it-allism) harms people.
But, I digress.
The eczema has come back without a vengeance, just a vendetta against my
cheeks and nose; making the bags under my eys look worse than they are.
That paired with the heat makes concealer impossible to wear.
Frankly, I feel ugly.
There...I said it.
I've always prided myself on having clear skin. Beautiful clear skin.
Its not there, now. Its muddled up.
And, I feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dam.
I know. I know that people are more than their physical and we're all
beautiful on the inside.
Can someone flip me inside out please?

Maybe, I'm just being a silly little woman...

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