Monday, June 25, 2007

Umm...Why was I so excited again?

Yesterday started off pretty wonderfully. I woke up an hour later than normal to be at work by EIGHT! Busied myself throughout the day and by 3pm, I was itching to go home and go out. Any sluggish feelings were met wiith a "hells no" resistance. I showered, shaved my legs, and put on a peel-off masque. Drying myself in the fan, I got caught up on my favorite blogs.I put on a too short skirt and a too low-cut shirt, feeling risque the
moment I walked out the door. Never one to be fearful, I strutted my stuff to the train station. Racking up 4 hits. From men. Yes, too short..too low is in this season. I meandered my way down in theGrenwich Village section of Manhattan. Only to be met with the intense wtf? Feeling right away. Sooooooo many people. My phone would not work properly..thanks TMobile! So, I was hoping..the hag that I am, that I would run into people. Which I did! Score! We talked about the beautiful men that were out. Old times, future goals, and the beautiful men that were out. Yum! I had forgotten how frustrating it is to be a straight woman at Gay Pride. *note to self***Remember this for next year*** Even though I might not.They decided to go to the bar and I still had friends to meet, so I walked on down Christopher Street..which felt more like a human meat, sticky, sweaty. Not the triad I really wanted.I saw some people whom I know from the balls that I frequent, but I have moments of desperate shyness...its ridiculous.So, I waited for my friends. Someone walked up to't u so and so! Why, yes, I am. *love it!*
And so, I waited til my friends showed up.We hung out there trying not to be trampled by women with their breasts, booties, and everything in between hanging out, men doing the same, and all types...from the ridiculously glam drag queens to the macho
testosterone driven down low brothas.But, in all honesty, I was bored. Boredom was turning to restlessnes, which always turns to anger. So before I reached that step I decided to leave. But, not without bumping into Frank Leon Roberts. With whom, I
will have a child with. *wink* Sister Julie, who I haven't seen in a
year, and other beautiful people.

The lowlight was when someone decided to fight and the cops
came-a-running with horses and sticks, ready to open up some gay black
flesh. It reminded me that this city, while liberal and beautiful, can
turn ugly in an instant.,

I ended up walking from 4th st to 16th st to take the train home. Just
to wait an hour for the bus in Brooklyn because I mised the one before
by 2 minutes. Dragged myself home and crawled into bed by 3am. To be
awaken, 4 times by the alarm clock. My body aches. All of that walking
and being 2with all those people just wore me out. Now, its off to
work....and then Happy Friday!!!! I get to be off tomorrow and
Wednesday! Lord, help us all, I'm working from 12 to 8.


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