Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Recap

Had very nice "weekend"
Weekends to me are Tuesdays and Wendesdays but I digress.
Brought kitten home and she fell asleep on the way. She kept making
strange noises but I thought she snored. Her name: Stella. Beautiful.
Beautiful kitten. Gave her a bath because she still smelled like she
came from the streets. Laid her down on the pillow I made for her and
she never woke up.

Oh the horror of waking up to find ur beautiful swet smelling kitten
stiff at 5am on your way to work.

My consolation comes knowing that she died clean, sweet smelling, and on
a huge satin pillow.

Yesterday, I went to a ball. Yes, a ball. I won't explain what it is. its
too hard to...but..lets just say its a place where a lot of gay folks
hang. So...I pulled on my uber tight little black traffic stopping dress
and my 4inch platform heels and felt fabulous. Which makes up for
unfortunate kitten death.
Someone mistaked me for a tranny. Which is a seal of approval from a gay
man --- kinda. Hahahahaha
Got home at ungoldy hour of 1am. And am chipper and sprightly for waking
up at 6:30 to an annoying ring which came from the phone I found

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