Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Kisses, Thunder, & Rain

The thunder crashed through the night sky as the lightning illuminated the entire house. I was alone as the wind pushed its way through the curtains. I lay in bed on my side, face towards the wall, with my back which would have been facing you. And I imagined your full lips kissing me the way I like, your hand creeping up the front of my shirt to fondle me. I imagined your breath on the nape of my neck and your warm body spooning behind me. I wanted to turn over and see you there. To have you kiss me fully on my mouth and to have your hads all over me. I wanted you to hold me last night. I'm not afraid of lightning or thunder. Nor am I disheartened by the sound of the heavy rain beating down on my windows.

But I missed you last night.
I miss the intimacy of having you near.

You said its nice to hold a woman at night. I think its nicer being held.

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