Monday, June 4, 2007


(Repost from Thursday)

This "weekend" was great...referring to my two days off: tues/wed.
I really allowed myself to say "fuck-it" as I did no cleaning and no
packing. I just laid around the house, loafing around.
With that said, I feel like there is a spirit of a little girl watching
me in my house. The entire "weekend" I felt like someone was following
me around when I went to different rooms and was watching me. It sounds
weird but I just wanted to document that just in case I die or something
else happens to me.
Moving along...I got my freak-em dress on going to work. Hehehe
I just wanted to be a lil saucy and saucy I am...

I'm a grown ass woman and I conduct myself as such. Pull up a
chair..I'll show you some thangs...

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