Saturday, June 16, 2007

little pieces coming together

bought a bookcase for $40...tall, pine wood, and 5 shelves. realized that i do not need 5 shelves, can only adequately occupy 2 shelves, but am pleased with myself
and am very pleased to have a reason to read more.
am looking forward to placing gems on said bookcase...yay!

Mr. Phil keeps kissing and hugging me today and am loving every minute of it. Is very vry wonderful. AFFECTION! omg..almost forgot about that!

Am getting a kitten today. very very excited! even though I don't like cats. I am certain will love this cat. Probably because she is a weetle weetle baby. Thinking of naming her Domino, cause she's all white like Domino Sugar. We'll see. Gotta feel out her aura.
Very Very excited!!! stay tuned!

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