Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kissing Frogs

I am avoiding Afroman. I love him but love does not conquer all at times
and in those times the light switch comes on and the flags come up.
Which way to go?
I wish I could quit for real. Flush him from my system and be
rid of these feelings I have. I know its futile to think that 3 or 6 or
9 months without him will make me forget how I feel. A year didn't make
me forget. But...I remain hopeful. Because, there is nothing more that I
can do but to remain hopeful. To see that my heart has hurt less since
we broke up and keep on that path until the pain is gone or until my
heart has frozen over.

I was so sure. I was so certain that we were it. That he was my Prince.

Maybe its my fault. Maybe I expected too much from him. Maybe no one can
meet my expectations and that is why I still haven't found my special
someone. But, I am sick of being disappointed.
Not just by him. By men in general: gay and straight. I'm sick of
kissing frogs.

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