Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are You Bold Enough to Reach for Love? -Janelle Monae

We spoke on Sunday night about me taking off today so that we could spend the day together.

I've been super duper stressed. My right eye has been killing me. Kind of like I'm about to burst a blood vessel.

Last night, I went to BBQ's with Gi and BFF. I needed a drink - bad. My computer crashed for the 3rd time in a 2 weeks. My boss was being a dick. It was just a bad day. Most girls who have someone in their lives would run to their significant others. I thought of this as I was walking into the restaurant with my girls. Nope, this was way better.

Aussie has been stressed and frustrated about his financials. He's been more of an addendum to the things on my head than an escape.

In the back of my mind at dinner, I had that we were going to meet up after he gets of at 10pm. I'd get some. We both win. Right? Wrong?

He didn't feel like walking from 33rd and 5th to 42nd and 8th. About 10 blocks and it was mild outside.

I was annoyed, but I brushed it off.

Today I took off. I was wishy washy about it, but did anyway.

I needed to get rid of this headache.

(These are texts copied and pasted. Note the spelling and grammar...ugh)

He text me. Goodmorning. How is work.
Me. (At around 12) Haha. Afternoon, work is great. I'm not there.
Him. Oh

(Wtf is oh?)
No text messages for 3 fucking hours(!!!)

Him: So what are you going to do for the rest of the day.
Me: Well, I wanted to spend it with you in the bed, but that doesn't seem like that's what you're about so I'm going to go hang out with friends.
Him: I didn't even know you took today off. You didn't let me kno anything. All you said yesterday was that you don't know what your gonna do and I said well let me know.
Me: Well, I just, I'm gonna hang with some friends.
Him: Yea you let me know now like in the afternoon time but whatever.

(I hate when people say whatever to me. It irks me. I was telling myself to let it go, let it go....but I couldn't let it go.)

Me: Yup. Whatever. Nina's the bad guy as always
Him:Your not the bad guy nina. Go ahead and do you. I'm ok. Once again you head out wit your friends and expect me to break my back. If you really wantedto see me you could have yesterday after you got off but you were too busy getting "tipsy". So have fun

(I was cursing audibly by this point)

Me:Yes, Aussie....I went after a stressful day at work to hang with my friends. Yes I asked you "to break your back" to see me because I was in your area. I didn't realize. like taking an entire day off for u was never a second thought for me. Asking u to see me after a 4-hr workday is soo much. Coming to spend 3 hrs with u after I worked for 8 is so easy. I didn't realize.

(I was LIVID. If we were on the phone. I wouldve yelled and screamed...its over! Fuck you)

He wasn't done yet.
Him:ok but wouldn't have been easier to see me before you left? You are in the area before you left work
Me:No. It would've been easier for YOU. It's always about what's most convenient for u. Y would I go to 33rd & 5th to go to 42nd & 8th? When I work closer to 42nd.
Him:Ok Nina. I get where your comming from.

(I hate that he can't spell normal, simple words)

I didn't say anything back. There's nothing else to say....
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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a bbq is my idea of love lol have a great weekend

E said...

uh oh. so what does this mean?

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