Monday, December 8, 2008


We're not broken up. I went to see him after I got off from work.

It was 20degrees outside. Shit!

I just had to know either way, ya know.

He kissed me on the cheek as he opened the door for me and hugged me tight.

His eyes were just as sad as mine.

"Hey," I said.


"We need to talk."

"I know. I'm sorry. I feel like it was all just a misunderstanding and that I exaggerated things a bit in what I was saying. "

"That's great. I'm glad you feel like that. You know I'm big on words and using them to say exactly what you mean, but I just felt so disrespect ed. Like you didn't care. You were just popping off at the mouth on some whatever stuff. You need to know that's not cool."

"Yes, I didn't communicate what I was a trying to say properly. But you said you didn't have to break stuff down to me."

"Yes, because you know when you're saying something that will hurt someone's feelings. You know when you're saying something mean."

"Like what?"
(Monie's, Liz's, and E's words rushing back to me...just break it down, girl)

"You don't have to stutter. You want me to stay away from you. I'm treating you like a stranger. I think I'm better than you. I don't have time for the little people."

"Damn. Yea, I guess I see where you're coming from, now."

*rolls eyes internally*

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean those things. It was really a miscommunication," he said.

"I mean, did you think I was neglecting you? I told you I have obligations to these other things in my life."

"I did. I was looking at things differently. I don't look at it like that anymore. I understand. I just wanted to be there for you. I felt like you were busy being strong, since you're used to being alone."

(That stung a little bit)

"Its not me being strong. I'm a very private person."

"I remember that was one of the first things you said to me when we first started dating. I get it now. I don't have to be there all the time. I respect that. I was being selfish. You were right."

"I thought you didn't want to be with me."

"I thought the same about you. But, that's dumb. Its our first fight. Maybe we can break up after the 2nd fight. Ok?"

I smiled. It was like music to my ears.
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WiZ said...

i just hope you got some

Trish said...

Good it worked out for you

Liz said...

yay... i am actually glad this is the case. very good on listening to your blog family!!