Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sending My Love

I don't know where you are, but I miss you.

I saw him get on the train and it couldve been your twin. He was short with locs and I didn't know another person could carry within them the essence that was so clearly you. And it made me crave poetry and incense. It made me miss the person I was, once upon a time.

Would you believe that headstrong little girl became this woman?

I can't explain the emotions behind your name when it escapes my lips, BrotherWise. My twenty-something year old mind still thinks in grandiose versions of love where I appear at your doorstep with whispers of love, my pride in the wind, just wanting you to come home to me.

You are my epitome of a man. Your back strong and your beliefs immovable.

Sadly, you believe we can not be together, our 5 year age gap too much. I wish that pillar of your many beliefs would tumble.

I still find you intriguing. I wish I could fall asleep in the recesses of your subconscious. I wish to visit the museum of your mind. I wish to hold hands. I wish to fall asleep in your bed once again and have you watch me all over again.

For with you, I knew I was precious. With you, I was loved.

as a sister.

And still, years have passed and I want...more.

Will this love dissipate? Will you ever disappoint me? You already have, dear sir. Yet, I love. Yet, I sit here in this city in which you said its hard for anyone to have an identity, far from you in every way. And I still....

Wonder...what if we only tried? Passion for you still boils inside of me. You are my dream deferred.

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