Friday, December 26, 2008


Here's what dreaming about frogs mean...courtesy of go.og.le

Frogs may seem like little creatures, but in culture and mythology they have a huge impact on us. What do frogs mean in a dream?First, frogs have been part of mythology for thousands of years. Frogs represent the alter ego - the darker side that we all possess. The egotistical prince is turned into a frog and forced to be humble while waiting for a kind soul to return him to being human. Next, frogs are a part of every basic biology class. Students learn how frogs start from tiny eggs, grow into wriggling tadpoles and then hop out onto land. Frogs are a sign of change, of a new chance of life.If you're dreaming about frogs - do you feel a change coming up in your life? How will you deal with that change? Do you feel that someone in your life (maybe you) is feeling unappreciated - that people see your faults instead of your strengths? Find a way to get those strengths noticed!

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