Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Lie?

I clearly should've waited to do that little meme.

Who's behavior were you appalled at?
BGF- stands for best gay friend 2 years ago when I first started this blog, he had that name.

History In Bullets:
*we worked together and became fast friends
*he started me doing the balls and then kinda left me without guidance
*we were still friends. he quit the job, moved to d.c. to be with his bf.had no money. I did soooo much for him
*he got arrested. I helped raise $1350 in bail.
*i added him to my phone which he never paid for 6 months until I turned it off...owes me $500 + for that (he was then referred to as FBGF - former best gay friend)

And his latest stunt - he was going to try and make life work in Houston. Two months ago, I called him and he mentioned he wanted to move back.

A month ago, a friend (Swagg B) told me he saw FBGF at a club in NJ. I was pissed. I thought maybe he was here for a weekend and didn't call me.

This weekend as RR is doing my hair to go out, he mentions he saw FBGF at a mutual friend's house a week ago and that it seemed like he's been in NJ for a minute.


I saw FBGF at the ball. He came up to me and was like "Oh hey. You look great. Have you seen ***?"

"Oh she's here?'

"Yes, I was on my way to see her."

"Wow, ok bye."

He goes to leave.

SwaggB wants us to take a pic together.

"Actually, I'll're not my favorite person right now."

"Wow ok."

"Yup. Bye"

"Nina don't be like that!" Swagg says.


*Fake smiles*

He hits me up on my.sp.ace.

You looked great...yada yada
I don't hold back.

I tell him how I feel - howyounotgonnaevencareabouthangingwithme

He says he was keeping a low profile. He was only in town for the holidays.

You've been here for a month. I'm tired of this. I can't allow you to continuously disappoint me.

You have no idea what has been going on. Its ok I still love you.

I will always love and be here for you if you really need me. But, why lie?

You're right. There was no need to lie. I love you.

Fuckin lame.

In short, I'm done. I can't hold on to toxic friendships. I've allowed this person to work me in many ways and I am through.
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Trish said...

Yeah, seems like you'll be better off without him constantly being in your pockets.

WiZ said...

tell that mooch to hit the road