Friday, December 5, 2008

More Fighting

Aussie and I go at it again.

It was 3pm before I realized he REALLY wasn't going to contact me. So, I started off the text chain.

(Once again...copied directly from my in/outbox)

Me:So, that's what it is? We're not going to speak all day?
A: What's up nina?
Me:Nothing. How r u?
A:Fine and you?
Me:I'm fine.
A: Great.

3 hours pass.....nothing.

Me: Wow. That's all u can muster up the energy to say to me. Interesting

A:Well I know how busy you are and tiring work is so you need all your energy. I don't think you have time for the little ppl such as myself

Me: How thoughtful. Well, wouldn't want to add to your broken back by asking you to break your fingers by texting me. I guess when u grow up you'll call me.

A:And I guess when you get time you'll call me

Me:Well, enjoy waiting for that call.

A:LOL I will. I got time.You know what so funny? How am I wrong for feeling the way I do? Do you even know why I'm upset?

Me: Why are you upset?

A: Wow. You seriously don't know?

Me: No, I don't.

A:First off why are you upset?I don't wanna make you look like the "bad guy" again. So why are you upset?

Me:Why don't you tell me why ur upset? Because u keep saying things that's pushing me further away from u

A: What am I saying?

Me: Hmm...I really don't have to break it down for u

A:So how am I suppose to fix the problem if your not speaking on it? You know what don't break it down nina it's cool. Closed mouths don't get fed and I'm not ms cleo so don't speak. Your definetly not hurting me by doing that

Me:Says the man who won't tell me why he's upset

A:Yup because I don't have a problem speaking on why I'm mad but apparently you do.But like you said you don't have to break it down for me because u guess you feel like your too good or something. Never met a woman that didn't wanna talk but now I've seen it all

Me:What makes u think I'm too good? All of a sudden, I'm too good, you break your back, and all this attitude is coming up.

A:Because I don't know where all this "I don't have to say this or say that" came from. Like you the queen of England.All this " I don't have to break it down to you" and " I let you know what you need to know stuff" is not cuttin it. You treat strangers in the street like that. Not ppl you care about and especially not your man.And then you got the nerve to say I'm pushing you away? If your gonna act like that and treat me like a stranger then just do me a favor and stay away from me

Me: I would just think you know when u say something that would push someone's buttons. I shouldn't have to say that something you said was fucked up. You want me to leave you alone? You better think very careful. Because I will...

A: And like I said nina if gonna treat me like a stranger then yes leave me alone. I didn't studder or mispell anything.

(Uh, yea genius..ya did!)

So..he calls me and we get nowhere. He bitched and bitched about me not seeing him and spending time with my friends.

I didn't say anything. I let him speak. Then I said...okay. We hung up.

Now, I'm the fuck do I get OUT of this in the most decent way?

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E said...

i think you should have laid it out for him why you were upset. sometimes you need to spell it out for some people. that's just how i am though, in my relationship at least. if bf pisses me off, he's gonna hear about it. he shouldn't have been so bullheaded about the situation. it's like he let his "macho" side take over, and he said something that he'll regret later. he coulda told you what was bothering him without all that extra. sorry it's not working out between the two of you.

also, you put your name in the last paragraph, in case you wanted to change it.

Nina said...

Good looking out E..maybe you're right. I dunno anymore...

Monie said...

Yeah...I definitely think you should have spelled it out for him. Men are simple-minded. They need all the help they can get...

Liz said...

i agree with monie and e. but if you really want to get out of it, i think you just did. just leave it at that. and let it be the end. but if you don't want to be out of it then you need to tell him your perspective. everyone isn't as perceptive as you my dear :)