Friday, December 26, 2008

i [heart] black men

aussie was insecure.
afroman was selfish.
blair and dame were hung up on women who were not me.
mr. phil was immature.

and they were vehicles by which i found out different aspects of myself. they allowed me to mature more. mature in relationships, in finding out what i do and do not like. sexually. emotionally. physically.

they all shaped me.

and i love them for who they are and who i wished for them to be.

i had a dream last night about a junior high school boyfriend. justin gunn. yes his real name. enough time has passed. no?

i dreamt we were in high school. our school was located in a subway train station. i kept trying to make out with him but aussie kept showing up. i threw him down stairs. i ran away. but he wouldn't leave me alone.

also, i wanted a frog really bad and i tried to steal one from the school who had various floors filled with frogs of different colors and sizes.


aussie will always be apart of me. as will justin gunn. and blair, afroman, and dame.

i just read mr. socialight's posts:


and it reminded me of why i love men. why i love black men.
black men just have a swagger unlike anyone else. and while i'm open to dating other races, i think i will always go home to a black man (who knows this post may come to haunt me in the future, you never know)


give credit where credit is due.

to the black men who are smart, loving, hard-working, supportive, kind..who have integrity, dignity, and love of self and black women...Cheers to You!

Now, can I meet some of you in '09? Sheesh!

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