Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Evening Biscuits

I'm going to try my best to update both blogs as much as possible.

Tonight, Aussie and I had a deep conversation. He was upset at a conversation he overheard. Two women were talking about how their men take care of them. This is a sore subject for Aussie because he basically got his pockets run over by 2 women who did nothing but had their hand out.

Now, he's looking at me like...please don't be like them! In our short time of being together/knowing each other, I've not asked Aussie for anything. I've bought him dinner twice. He's bought me dinner 3 or 4 times. I've cooked for him 3 times (so that counts...the food didn't just appear out of the thin air).

There were times he's offered to pay and I've paid for myself.

Aussie just went on and on and on about it. He hates women like that who just sit on their asses and don't work and expects the man to pay all of their bills. Why are there women out there like that? What's wrong with them?
Yadda, yadda...

Until, I broke it down.

"You want to complain. Why, Aussie? Tell me. Because you allowed these women to use you. You know, I was dumb once. I allowed a man to sit on his ass while I did the heavy lifting. And when I realized it, I stopped it and now, as much as I like you. If you're not doing shit with your life, you will be gone. You want to know why? Because I've learned from my mistakes. Am I disappointed in myself? Yes. Did I know better and still did it? Yes. Am I angry and telling you about it? No. At the end of the day I can only be mad at myself and that's your problem. You can't blame those women. If whomever they're dealing with buys them a helicopter tomorrow. So be it. It's not your life. OBVIOUSLY, the person you're with is not like that. Learn from your and move on."

He was silent for a moment.

'You're right.'

"I know."

We laughed.

Honestly, I don't want to hear about it anymore. It makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I'm being punished for something another chick did long ago. Noooot a good look.

If he brings it up, I'm going to tell him just that.

Sheesh, and I thought Afroman screwed me up...Lol
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