Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"Twin, when you were dating Dude, did you ever have questions in your mind about whether or not it would work? I mean, did you question your compatibility?"

"Of course, Nina. A lot."

"And ultimately it didn't work..."

He laughed.

I like Aussie a lot, but I question his lot in life. My drive to do things is immense. I procrastinate like shit, but when I finally DO get to it, there's no stopping me!

My make-up blog was supposed to have been launched 4 months ago...LOL.

But, I'm doing my shit.


I don't want to bitch about the bf endlessly (or endorse my other blog endlessly..hehe), but....Twin gave me something to snack on.

"At this age, are you looking for a husband? The standards you have in mind seem like the ones someone have when they're looking for a life partner. Maybe you should not lower your standards, but think realistically."

I don't want to be married right now, but I don't want to jump from dude to dude. I want LOVE! I want someone to come home to. I want someone to build with. I want someone who knows the difference between 'your' and "you're".....


But the sex is good.....

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apricot tea. said...

Sigh, what is good sex? I haven't a clue...

Young woman on a journey said...

lmao at apricot tea! lol. lmao.

good sex is not everything, particularly if you dont' want to run from dude to dude. its weird cause even when you aren't ready for marriage you don't want anything ephemeral or meaningless. and if you don't want the latter, shouldn't you interview for the former, never going below those standards. i mean, what we dream about rarely happens so there should be some flexibility. but why waste time and possibly effort and *gasp* love on something you settled for.

Sha Boogie said...

I dig it..I want all of those things too - love, good nothing wrong with that!

Liz said...

good nookie will keep someone everytime! LOL! ***SNAPS*** on the make-up blog. i LOOOOOVES me some make up so that is a joy to see someone else loving it as well. matter of fact, me and my friend "play" makeup all the time. we make each other up just to experiment.... we should play makeup sometime. yay!

Trish said...

I had this same convo with my sister a few months back. At this age, someone living with momma, working a pt job and no car is not someone you should consider long term with. Hope you get things sorted.

Eb the Celeb said...

I completely understand where you coming from.. I feel the same way... I dont want to have a special event to go to and have to think about who I am going to take as my plus 1... I want that person that I know I am going to take... I just have to tell them when it is and what time so they can mark their calendar. The consistency, the romance... not marriage but dating someone with potential. I dont think that's too much to ask or that you should feel like you have to lower your standards

miss halimah. said...

1. lol @ "someone who knows the difference between your and you're".
2. well you don't have to feel guilty for wanting what you want.
3. you said you're in your early
20s? girl, take your time and have fun!
4. thx for visiting my blog.