Sunday, July 22, 2007

Albinos r Hott!

Dear Guy w/Melanin Deficiency,

You're hott. Like really.And...I'm if it weren't 6:30am and I were in better clothes and you weren't dozing off every other train stop, I'd totally be hitting on you right now. I mean I think we'd be good together.

But...something tells me it wouldn't work. Maybe, just maybe because I keep picturing you with a normal skintone.


But...if you ever want to play big spoon-little spoon. I'm your girl.

I have to stop looking at you now. The girl next to you might get the wrong impression.

Til the next sleepy awkward train ride we take together. Hopefully, I would've cared enough to actually bring a matching purse and your eyes will be open for more than a minute.


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