Thursday, July 5, 2007


How I work in customer service, I do not have a clue. I do it
begrudgingly. I hate people's quirks. The shit that they do that
inconvenience others. Argh.

Before riding on that train of thought taints my post....I'll move on.

I have $4.38 in my bank account til next Friday.
And, I don't care. I am happy. I bought my ticket to Miami. I've booked
my car. All is set and well and all I'm paying for next is the
transportation when I get there and hotel...and of course...FUN! This
summer is kind of shaping out to what I wanted it to be. My girls and I
really enjoying life.
Can't wait to sip drinks in South Beach.

I was not productive at work today by any stretch of the imagination. I
answered 3 emails, took 5 phone calls and effectively found a killer
bathing suit. Work was great.

GiGi, LaPrincesa, and I decided to let our hair down and take in a lil
Mexican food. After 1 drink, I was feeling thye love. After digesting
and getting caught up on the lives of our coworkers...we found ourselves
on the pier laughing and talking. We discussed penis size, or rather
variations of it, God, family, out of control teenagers and LP said that
I'm the most together 21 year old she knows.
That warmed my heart. Because, I try.

Even know as I write this from my sidekick. My trust companion, a little
more than tipsy...I'm glad that I've found friends. Maybe not til the
end. But I won't know until we get there.

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