Sunday, July 1, 2007

Asian girl's revenge

That Asian Girl that I pissed off on Friday nite sent her cosmic Asian
homegirl after me!

I bought a bed off of craigslist. A beautiful barely used bed for $35.
Yes...$35. A steal!!!! Wouldn't common sense say that ummm....I'm a
chick and when I said I found a car to move it from ur place to have it ready?! No...
I called to say I was on my way.
I called to say I was downstairs.
And yet..I still had to wait for her to clear it off and carry it
downstairs...which! She had to do in heels.
I realize I don't like people who are unprepared. You have to have some
type of charisma about you.
Don't do things so cut and dry...evne though I am very blunt. I know how
to clean it up and set it up so that it doesn't cut you off at the
ankles. the middle of loading everything into my hired van (omg! This is
costing me $$!) she's didn't pay me. So...I say here! And
hand her the money, now lets carry the boxspring. Did she think I was
going to drive off and not pay her?

That pissed me off a lot. But...I guess that was the price I had to pay
for a $35 bed (mattress, boxspring, frame w/wheels and all)

Hell if that wasn't an awesome trade-off.
I had the best sleep I've had since I moved into my place.

PS. Your invitation to frozen cosmos has been revoked.

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