Wednesday, July 11, 2007

you look tired

[start scene]

6:55 pm
Brooklyn Supermart
Young woman opens door, intent on mental grocery list

Good afternoon
mumbles something unintelligible.

Dashes through store getting items.
Garlic. Black Pepper. Chocolate Cookie Dough Icecream. Alfredo Sauce. Splurges on Air Freshener.

God bless you.
mumbles something unintelligible

Young woman looks in wallet. $3 til 5pm tomorrow.


Her mouth waters for the icecream as she talks herself into cooking that night, knowing that there will be nothing but breakfast eaten the whole day. She walks home. Thinking. Budgeting. Seeing if she can scrimp from Paul to give to Peter.

Young woman walks past her next door neighbor.

Hey, J!
Hi Ms. K.
You look tired.

She walks into her apartment and lets the silence surround her.

Screw cooking, she thinks.

She is tired.

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