Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yup..everyone's here...

Another pageant has descended upon us. When I say pageant, I mean ball. By ball, I mean a place where predominantly, gay, transgender, lesbian folk get together and compete in different categories. Like beauty, runway, vogue, fashion sense, sex appeal, et al. Oh...and then there's me and women like me who are totally not lgbt. We happen to be their
fabulous friends. Totally straight. Um, I think they call us...*ahem*fag

Even though I don't llike that term at all.

Let's reflect:The f-bomb is something I don't feel comfortable with dropping at all. I don't feel comfortable with anyone using it. Its one of those words that should make everyone uncomfortable. Somewhere between the n-word and mulatto.

Then there's hag. Hags are old, gray-haired, too many cat-owning spinsters who've never found love. Or never found love that would stay long.That's not me. Hopefully.

Anywho...I digress.I compete in the women's face beauty competition. And the ball that's coming up is going to be a killer!Lawd knows the mirror and I aren't getting along as it is!I'm tired. I'm so stressed, I'm scared that I'm going to get an aneurism.

Well...this whole day has been a struggle. First, I woke up with my body
aching not really wanting to get out of bed. Gypsy was selfishly only thinking about being held and I was selfishly thinking about laying in bed with the Sun on my face for a while. It ended up that I had this ball to prepare for and laying in bed was not an option. So, I get to twin's house. He informs me that our friend AngelinaJolie (AJ) had to
get her costume done for the ball. So, I waited for hers to be
done....which took from 3pm - 7pm. Yes...agony, annoyance..aggravation.
Check. Check. Check. I could've stayed in bed a few extra hours. Then
the fabric that we (meaning me, twin1 and angelinajoloe aka aj) kinda
quasi-stole (story to come) did not work for me at all. (Thanks
Karma...u rat ass biatch). I waited for the bus...with AJ and
her beautiful new costume in tow, I checked again. Aggravtion.
Annoyance. Agony.
Check. Check. Check.

They brought their friend along. Migraine.


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