Sunday, July 15, 2007

watching the signs as I go...

So...I went to the lovely animal shelter today and found my new companion. Her name is....Precious. Only because I was pressed to come up with something. The most adorable little kitten ever. She's 5months old. She's a black and white tiger cat and she was literally shaking in my arms. She's a lot sturdier than Stella since she's 4x older than her- literally. So, unless I forget to feed her, there's not a way I.can break her. At least...that's how I see it. The ACC is in WayOutThere
town. According to the website, you take the 3 to NewLots Ave, walk 6
blocks and presto changeo..nope! Its more like...get off the train.
Walk the wrong way. Get on the bus. Realize...its crowded as shit. Get off
walk 10 find that you should've stayed on the bus you were on because it took you to where you need to go anyway.

So...I guess I have an allergy to pets. As soon as I walked out, my eyes were itching, my nose was congested, and sneezing was welcomed. Itching is not the appropiate verb...more would be better if I plucked my eyes out of my sockets, scratched them and placed them back...yowza!

As I took a surprisingly accurate route back home (guess I do know Brooklyn..yay!) I meandered my way through some of my old haunts. Past the place I used to call church. The place I was a frequent guest at Sunday dinner. Further past the place where I first called my church home. It was all very weird. It was like going back home, when home has been picked over and there is nothing left but bone. I saw famiiar faces, but instead of feeling warm inside, I felt like I'd been slapped.

It stirred up memories that I worked hard to bury. I'd be damned if a bus ride will undo all my hard work. Hmmph!

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