Saturday, July 7, 2007

What a Saturday is about....

After work, I felt like my head was being compressed with all the stuff
going I decided to walk to Bryant Park. My skin hadn't seen
sunlight in so long, it started to sting on contact...weird.
I sat down and looked around (after my soda exploded on me..chocolate
fell on my skirt and I didn't notice until it halfway melted, and I
searched for a pen for 10 mins) and looked around.
people...meaning New Yorkers...a small group of girls older
couple holding running around in the adorable not so
annoying way....and errr...a girl in a red halter top bikini? What? was hot. Hot enough for beads of sweat to have formed in less
than 5 minutes of being out there...but a bikini....ok chick. Moving

This is a weekend, I thought.

Of course I had to leave because the cynic in me thought to budget and
became stressed and decided all that sitting in the sun is overated
unless its in another city...say

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