Thursday, July 26, 2007

Everywhere I turn...there's a hill...

So Tuesday, Twin was supposed to make my ball dress. We chose a royal blue material that was supposed to be accented with a white shiny material. It was going to be a 1940s feel complete with (ugh!) white shoes. For the record, I absolutely detest white shoes. But, Twin had a vision and everyone knows better than to question his vision. *Note: When saying are saying it with a snooty French it comes out more like vig-shyawn..*

Anywho...he starts sewing the white and the blue together, promptly stops and says that he cannot go on. The blue is ugly and will not get me far in the competition. Well...gooooooshdarnit! Who am I to stop a man when his vision doesn't work?Getting a new one was tough...especially for me because I was tired,headachey, annoyed that I'd been at his house the entire day with an annoying person...watched them get their pageant outfit made and I left with nothing.And so...We went back to the drawing board. Found a beautiful Gaultier babydoll dress that we could imitate that would give us that 'wow' factor. It's lavendar accented with black sequins. With a little hat and a veil. I feel pretty in it which a huge turn-a-round from not too long ago *ahem* Monday...where I really didn't want to be bothered with the whole thing.I don't know which one I like more....the outfit he's making for me to go in or the outfit that I'm competing in.Miracles are real.*sigh*

Hopefully, I can win...that would be the real miracle. That was the story of my 2 days off. Now, I'm going back to work with a tinge of annoyance on my tongue, slight exhaustion on my back, and anxiousness on my brow.I feel like everything is a mess. I'm trying to piece my life together bit by bit.

Lawd knows...I need all the help I can get.

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