Friday, July 6, 2007

I resolve to......

Yes...I've waited 7 months to find a New Year's resolution...and here it goes....I resolve to take better care of myself. A quick glance at myself finds me with bags under my eyes, dry skin (lets not relive the eczema catastrophe that was last week), dry hair that is unruly, and a
knot that keeps revisiting my right shoulder.Tonight was one of those nights that made me want to whip out my kick and blog about it.Today found me just flat out disagreeable and [dare I say] grumpy.But...GiGi and LaPrincesa took me to Olive Garden which I hadn't been to since I was 18 and filled my belly with food, laughter, and my heart with good cheer. The train ride back home featured a (homeless?) woman singing opera quite beautifully, a man who offered his seat and an indignant looking Muslim man who held a Final Call newspaper that had the headline "Integration is Hypocritical Trick."
I wanted to say ummm....hun....I'm sitting next to these white
ladies....I think we're pretty much integrated already. What mawde
things worse was that his bag fell over and a whole bunch of bean pies
fell out...I thought "how cliche are you right now."
I chuckled at myself on the inside...temporarily sidetracked by a
beautiful man looking at me. (Hey there....bon chika woun woun) I stepped off of the swift moving train to a beautiful cool night wishing it would'nt end.

The best part of the night happened later on that night when I got a knock on the door.

J: Who is it?
OMG It's the mother! Is the house clean?
But, its all well...she inspected a little and saw my neato closet and my bed, bookcase, tv, that the house was clean and I had a fridge full of food and hugged me tight.

She was impressed.

I was going to end this post with the rest of my resolution but it seems as though its pointless.

I done good.

That was all I need to hear.

I done good! :0)

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