Friday, July 6, 2007

Mr. Phil no more!

Mr. Phil is somewhat of a lothario with the ladies. He's one of the 2 goodlooking fellas here at work and all the ladies swoon.

But, I, ladies and gents am officially over it and him.

I'm saying this gritting my teeth holding my breath knowing this will come back to haunt me....SHIT!

But, yes Mr. Phil has been flirting with too many women here at the office. Women, by nature are like cats..territorial, ferocious creatures and he is playing with fire. He has (more than) flirted with me, GiGi, La Princesa, NewGirls 1 and 2, and he constantly searches on BlackPlanet and other sites for women. It's disgusting me.
GiGi and LP are not looking too kind on him either and I'd rather have my girls than a man.

Hopefully, I won't eat my words. They taste bitter going down.

Too bad he's so sexy though.

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