Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I've been witholding the love. It just seemed to be such a tedious job
to post....**sigh**

So...where were we?

<strong>Saturday night.</strong>

I was invited to a BBQ by a friend of a friend. I said that I would
go...but out of fear of
being humiliated, I employed BestFriend, yes we ended our little feud. Decked out in my cute little outfit, I met BF at Fulton Park in Brooklyn
to find...Dancing in the Park...woo hoo! It was salsa and the
neighborhood was jamming. I took my place on a bench and watched from
afar. BF showed up shortly after with her cousin in tow. Yummy! We sat,
we talked, we laughed, we  joked.

Girl who we were crashing with decided to go to the mall right when she
was supposed to meet us there. We stayed there for a lil while longer,
decided to leave, give her 30 minutes and leave. We treked our way all
the way out to where the festivities were supposed to be held. Nothing
looked like it was going down, so we sat on a random stoop and played
photo shoot. I realized that I am not model material.

With it being 10pm and with me having to wake up at 5am to go to work
the next day, we hightailed it to my place.
We watched the BET Awards on my DVR. At around 11, I tried to play
conservative and go to sleep only to be jolted awake within an hour with
an unbearable pain in my mouth.

I took an aspirin, but was still wide awake. She was my first overnight
guest. We made omelets with turkey sausage at 12 am. Drank cosmos and I
knew any chance of me sleeping was nil. Still, I tried....dozing off for
a bit...only to wake up at 2 with the most intense pain I've ever felt
coming from the left side of my face. I tried another aspirin, not
trying to overdose...it did nothing. It felt as though my whole mouth
were throbbing. I tried to take my mind off of the pain but to no avail.
At 5 am...after being up a whole 24+ hours, I started balling like a

<strong>Sunday morning</strong>
Found me with a heavy chip on my shoulder. I struggled to stay awake at
my job while juggling the pain and my not-so-cheery disposistion.
Needless to say, it was no easy feat...but I prevailed.
Sidenote: how hard is it to get a kitten in this town?
I've been prowling craigslist for a free cat but no one's been that
generous. It seems...Stella left a bit of a void....*sigh*


I woke up at 5am...with the intense pain. Within 20 minutes it subsided.
Again at 7 am. Then at 9am. I got up calling out of work....resolving to
gett this troublesome tooth extracted, caring little even if it meant
using a pair of pliers and brute strength.

I mean, I have insurance...right....no problem.
And so...I called every place on the GHI website, hoping someone would
have an oral surgeon available that day. No one. No one. What insurance
do you have? Oh...PPO...let me call your insurance company. He called
back and laid it on me. In order to surgically extract a tooth it would
$800. I would need to pay half of it at first. Then....the other half
I'd be allowed to pay off in increments.

Right....ya know...I just have that kind of money laying

And so...I called to the clinic where I went initally...after several
phone calls back and forth....I have an appointment for next Monday. Are
you kidding me! I have to wait a full week to get this resolved....Lord
knows, I have no idea how.

Told Afroman that I needed some cuddle face time and surprisingly he
came. I thought he wasn't coming so I stayed in bed all day, sleeping
the time away when I could've been cleaning. At least the apartment was
sorta presentable.

I was feeling vulnerable and one thing to another....but that's another

(I'm leading you on...hahaha....but I have such a bad headache)

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