Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What a Day!

The day started with me turning over, getting out of bed..groaning..not really wishing to get on with it..but, with a stern talking to...I finally got up, realizing I had to meet Twin#1 today. Did a load of laundry. Cleaned up my old apartment and while I was taking a painting and a rug upstairs to my new apartment, I heard a pop in my neck...not good. Pain ensued. SHIT SHIT SHIT!

I can't turn to the left. I can't look straight without a strain. Looking to the right doesn't hurt if I hunch my left shoulder. Geeez.

I soldiered on and went to Jack's 99 cent Store on 34th Street. That store is like heaven. Anything you want for cheap! I bought a chrome and white hamper for 8 bucks. Met up with Twin#1 and proceeded to walk to the fabric district. And there on 39th and 8th...I saw it. Its beauty stopped me in my tracks. The fabric that I will use for a certain female blogger's pillows. Beautiful. And not so expensive. AND...they had it in red/white and white/red. Loves it! Snatched it up and proceeded to get trimmings. Loving the company and also glad I talked myself out of bed for this.

Twin1 and I proceeded to get on the train and it was a mass of giggles. There was the cutest little girl that kept staring at us respectively. Weirdo. The beautiful Dominican man with muscles who is either gay and was looking at another man or is really into lesbians holding hands.Weirdo. There was the man the Dominican was looking at who I want to hop on. Lustbot. And the unfortunate accidental spitting accident I had when i burst out laughing. Thanks Twin1.

Hung out at Twin1's house. Vouguing to the beats, acting like the drag queens I've seen on too many occasions and catching on mutual friends. Good food was bought and eaten slowly. Movies were watched. Time moved at a swift pace.

On the way home, on the subway, I am sitting in front of one of the most beautiful women I've seen. She sat with her legs crossed wearing the cutest shoes, shorts, lovely ruffle top, and a blazer. Smart outfit. A wonderful white clutch that I was contemplating mugging her for and her hair in a low side braided ponytail. Hardly any makeup and a little liquid liner. A rowdy threesome came on the train, which we both shared apprehension about. One guy sat next to me. One next to her and a woman in the middle. The guy next to me asked the woman next to him if he could have some gum as she was pulling it out to chew a piece herself. She politely gave it to him, which in the exact same moment, his friend decided he wanted to chew a piece as well. Guy 1 threw it to Guy 2 and he missed, having it land on the floor.

Guy 1: Dude, pick it up and eat it
Guy 2: No, man. I'll eat the next piece if you throw it and it lands on the floor if you eat that piece that's there.
Guy 1: Sure man
He proceeds to eat the gum of the floor
Guy 2: You're disgusting
Guy 1: What 5-second rule. That was like 2 seconds, its fine.
Me and beautiful smartly dressed woman are looking at each other mouths hanging wide open.
Guy 1: Right....5 second rule.
Guy 2: Yea man. That was cool.
Girl w/2 guys: You guys are dickeads
Guy 2: Yea, we are. We never said we weren't.
Guy 1: Yea, we're 2 dickheads.
Me and beautiful smartly dressed woman are still looking at each other mouths hanging wide open.
Guy 1 (to my shocked insta-friend): Yea, that was cool right. 2-second rule.
Insta-friend: Dude, I don't want you to talk to me out of fear that you may spit when you talk and I'll get a disease. You realize you just ate something off the subway floor. This is why brown people think white people are crazy.
Guy 1: White people are crazy.

We totally need to be friends for real. Sadly, I got of the train, mouth open, amused and fled off into the night. NYC is a crazy town.

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