Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pink Toes, Purple Hair, & the N Word

The started out as hum-drum as can be. The alarm sounded at 5am,
signaling an intense groan. "I can't call out...its impossible," I
thought.....really tempted to just say fuck it and do it.
Got stuck with 2 rookies at work. And one of the more seasoned people
called out and I wanted to kill her with my bare hands, but I knew it
was inevitable.
Busy busy busy bee.
Met GiGi and LaPrincesa for pedicures and decided to get my nails done.
These are supposed to be indulgences....a time to relax, let my hair
down, and enuoy being pampered. Only, the pregnant lady doing my nails
was taking forever to file and the point where...had she not
been preggo, I would've choked her or hit her upside the head with the
damn buffer. SHITE! (Yes, my new attempt to use less cuss

And so, with much calming down from GG and LP...I "enjoyed" it...rather
grit my teeth and agonized quietly.

My toes are beautiful Essie color Watermelon.

Moving on, we went to the neighborhood greasy spoon for Spanish food.
I planned not to eat anything but couldn't resist rotisserie chicken
with yellow rice and and beans. I ate entirely too much...leaving my
stomach hurting.

I was in a pretty good mood...that is until I had to take the ride home.
Being that I was o8n 103 and Lex. The only way home was via the 6. Which
I transferred to the 4..which wasn't going into got on
the B at Bleecker. There was this beautiful woman on the train witha
beautiful deep purple hair. It was cut into mohawk. She was soo tired
that she kept falling the sleep. It was like watching aw cat...she'd try
to read and then she'd doze off...then as she was looking at her
phone...she'd doze. I kept staring at her picturing which haircut I'd
give her.
We both finally got off the train. Hopefully, she settled on sleep and I
settled on vamping her up with jet black, stick straight, parted down
the middle and layered around her face.
Then I missed the bus as I was walking down the street. Part of me
wanted to run for it...but something stopped me. I looked down at my
pretty watermelon toes in my thong sandals and the downward slope of the
hill, knowing the imminent tumble. So...I was there at 8:45. The next
bus was scheduled to leave at 9:11. So I waited and waited and waited
some more. The bus didn't come until 9:41.
So much for curbing my cussing.
To add insult to injury....this group of obnoxious boys were using the n
word a little too freely. Enough to make me cringe everytime they used
it....I was in permanent cringe mode.
Add the nauseous feeling I was experiencing (ala irresistible rotisserie
chicken beans and rice) and the air conditioning on an already brisk
nite and I wasin MTA hell....shit!

I had the hugest sigh of relief!
By the time I got toes were freezing and I just wanted

The universe knows how to stick it to you (wished it would use
lubricant) sheesh!

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