Sunday, July 1, 2007

Octavia E. Butler, Diva Extraordinaire

I looooove Octavia Butler. Until her death, she was the only black female science fiction writer. She writes as though she is inside of the story - if that make sense to you. Like..she's in this alternate universe and she's telling you about her people. She writes with attention to detail. It seems like she's like me - she's people-watched and she gets the little things right.

Go to to read her bio.

Anywho..I've decided to read everything she's written. A total of 17 books (minus her articles in science fiction books)

Here Goes a list of all of her work (just in case you want to join me in my quest: (all in order of date of publication earliest to latest)

1. Parable of the Talents
2. Journeys
3. Patternmaster
4. Mind of my mind
5. Survivor
6. Kindred
7. WildSeed
8. Clay's Ark
9. Dawn
10. Imago
11. Adulthood Rites
12. Parable of the Sower
13. Bloodchild (short stories all by OEB)
14. Parable of the Talents
15. Lilith's Brood
16. Fledgling
17. Seed to Harvesta

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