Sunday, November 30, 2008

ADD Roommates + Finding my Voice again

After crying after writing my last post, I had a story idea. By the time it was completely formulated in my mind, RR was home.


He's so loud, talkative, and loud. He can't just sit down and just be. He has to say something, do something. It's so annoying.

I rewrote my story board. I'm creating a new novel competely. Anywho, I wanted to type it up but sadly, the computer is in the living room where RR sleeps. He was talking loudly on the phone, a movie was playing.

Listen, I want to write. Please don't talk to me. Lower your voice, as well, please.

I said it as sweetly as possible.

Can I go in your room?


He went inside, the door was closed, but I could still hear pieces of his conversation, even with my iPod up as high as I could get it without causing some sort of permanent hearing damage.

He came out.

Sis, I want you to wear your hair like this.

I was irritated, visibly. I felt like a cat whose hair was standing on up.

He continued his conversation.

I tried to get into a pattern. He came out and tapped me on the shoulder. He played in my make-up and showed me some eyeshadow he put on.


I said, umm..I really just want to focus on this and write.

Oh, sorry.

His friend hung up with him.

He got his iPod. I heard him dancing behind me. I hate when people do things behind me.

Pissed, my concentration broken, I gave up, am writing this, and am gonna try and go to sleep.

I miss living alone. I gotta kick his ass out, for real.

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