Monday, November 10, 2008


I only endorse bloggers that I really have a jones for.

This brother makes me want to quit Aussie and move to Cleveland, fa sho!

He makes me want to sit down and put together a post that is just as insightful and thoughtful as he is. When I read a new blog, I read the first page and if it is interesting enough, I read from the beginning of the blog and make my way forward. Usually, I don't post comments, I just read....He makes me want to post a damn comment on every post.

He is the ish...

The Socialight Times

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Mr.Socialight said...

+steps in with both eyebrows raised; looking at everybody else+
Who me? +modestly points at self+

Thank you for delving into my past blogs today, that was rather special. Feel free anytime. I like to see the thoughts of others.

Appreciate the shout-out.