Thursday, November 20, 2008


My mother died when I was 3 years old and I always wondered what type of person she was. Besides knowing she was dark-skinned, slim, with a mean left hook, a temper, and left-handed, I wanted to know if she was like me. Or rather, I like her.

On that train of thought, I also have questions for the universe, ex-lovers. This post is dedicated to: La Culture Populaire’s blog post:

1. Elphin, why did you cheat on me with that skank, treat her better than me, and then ask to marry me a year later? The why did you date that white girl and tell me it's because she looks just like me but white and that made it that much better?
2. ChurchBoy, are you really gay? Will you ever let your hair down?
3. Afroman, when will it ever feel right again?
4. Marshall, will we have a chance or am I just a silly little girl in many ways?
5. Why am I wasting my time at this job?
6. Aussie, are you for real? Because I don’t think I can handle heartbreak.
7. Will my book ever be published?
8. Joe, why did you say you wanted a girl just like me only to cheat and become abusive towards me?
9. Temper, why don’t you come at the right time? You should’ve been there to help me beat that ass at that precise moment!
10. Why do I seek solace in being alone all the time?
11. Why am I so messy?? My messiness kept me from getting laid last night. Ugh!
12. Why is it so hard for me to make the pieces fit in my life? Why is it always like i'm humpty dumpty and i will never be put back together again?

What are those burning questions you guys have? Could be silly. Could be personal. As long as it’s real.


It's Amanda Yo! said...

My first one would be to my ex and I would question what happened to him in his life that would make him treat me the way he did?

I'd also ask myself why the hell I put up with all his shit for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

nina, thanks for the shout out. glad to have inspired this post, oh and thanks for reading the blog.

WiZ said...

lol @ #11. keep your things in check girl

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?