Monday, November 3, 2008

Delicate Little Thing

Omg! Is my life actually forming into something?


Friday night, I got my hair done. Halloween is scary around these parts with the threats of people getting cut and stuff. Ya'll already know....Nina is not getting her face slashed cuz she wants to wander the streets. I bought of Malibu Mango Rum (yum!!) and brought it over to BFF's house. We talked, laughed, fell asleep on the movie, House of Flying Daggers. In the middle of that, I called Austin realized he was wonderful and wrote a blog post. Normal shit.

Saturday, I went to breakfast with BFF, her friend Toni and her dad. Delish. I went to get my nails done and looked for an outfit for the night. I went to my friend's bday dinner at Planet Thailand. We went bowling afterward.

OMG! My freakin feet were killing me! Only 2inches but when you're IN them all night long...arrgh!

Even with the time moving back, I got home at 4am.

Today, I slept til 1pm. Got up and dressed for my date with Austin.


(To be continued)
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