Thursday, November 20, 2008

Husband Material

I sat in Cat's car talking about pageant stuff with the heat blowing. I saw him outside talking to a woman in a car.

"Marshall?" I stared in disbelief. The last time I saw him, he was visiting his mother from some far away place - Atlanta, Alabama - somewhere. He was with his girlfriend. Needless to say our conversation was very short.

I was immediately transported to a summer night impromptu cookout with my family. We were in the middle of a card game. I spotted him from the top of the driveway. I watched him walk, my mouth agape.

"Hey Marshall!" my cousin broke my gaze.

"Hey Cuz. Nina, how are you?"

I could only muster a wave.

My entire family didn't even wait for him to go inside before they laughed.

"Ni, close your mouth," my mother scolded.

Is it cliche to say I had a crush on the boy next door?

Boy is now a man and was materialized in front of me. I still had my mouth hanging open as I did before.

I waved to him. He looked confused.
He walked over to me.

"Girl, you better get out the car and give me a hug. "

I obliged.

He felt like a big teddy bear.

We chatted for a second. He's back home (!!!) His mom isn't doing so well.

I gave him my number.

I got back in the car.

"Damn Ni...that's husband material right there."

"Yup. Aussie better watch his back."

We both laughed knowing on some level it was true.
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